São Paulo School on Global Climate Modeling - SPSGCM

The São Paulo School on Global Climate Modeling - SPSGCM was conducted by eight researchers from Brazil, USA, Germany and India, with thirty doctoral students and post-docs in the areas of Earth Sciences.

The focus is the climatic aspects of the connections between continent and ocean, involving continental hydrology, river discharge into the oceans and atmospheric teleconnections.

The School uses suites of models and programs of the Brazilian Earth System Model (BESM), and is connected by Linux remote terminals to the supercomputer Tupã (CRAY XE6), of the FAPESP Research Program on Global Climate Change (RPGCC) and the Climate Network, installed at INPE in Cachoeira Paulista, were it was conducted integrations corresponding to more than 100 years of the coupled version ocean-atmosphere of the BESM model, with variables such as river discharges as sensitivity tests

  • Institution

    Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)

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    Carlos Afonso Nobre

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  • Date

    2011-10-03 to 2011-10-14

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  • Keywords

    Earth system modeling, Global climate change, Rede Clima, PFPMCG