São Paulo School of Advanced Studies in Speech Dynamics (SPSASSD)

The São Paulo School of Advanced Studies in Speech Dynamics (SPSASSD) is designed to foster speech research in Brazil by promoting dialogue between international and national experts and offering opportunities to talented students from all over the world. SPSASSD is aimed at attracting interest of promising young researchers in contributing to the growth of speech science in Brazil. Over 200 languages, immigrant and indigenous, are spoken throughout the country. Approaching them with the tools of frontier speech science can open countless new horizons. Training in theory and method for the study of speech dynamics is offered through mini-courses, lectures and round-tables. The school consists of experts in the field working in the USA, Europe, and Brazil.
  • Institution

    Instituto de Estudos da Linguagem / Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)

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  • Academic Director

    Eleonora Cavalcante Albano

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  • Date

    2010-07-07 to 2010-07-11

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  • Keywords

    Speech, Language, Action, Articulation Gestures, Dynamic Multi-modality