São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Nanotechnology, Agriculture and Environment

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Nanotechnology, Agriculture & Environment (SPSAS NanoAgri&Enviro) will happen from July 3rd to 15th, 2023, at the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials, in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil.

The program will comprise didactic activities programmed among theoretical interactive classes, practical experiments (hands-on), presentation of research results (poster sections and seminars) and technical visits to the world-class facilities and specialized laboratories from the following institutions in São Paulo state:

Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) in Campinas.
University of São Paulo (USP) in Piracicaba.
São Paulo State University (UNESP) in Sorocaba.
University of Sorocaba (UNISO) in Sorocaba.
Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in São Carlos.
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) in São Carlos.

The SPSAS NanoAgri&Enviro will be ministered by professors and researchers who have solid experience in higher education, scientific leadership, and research excellence in nanosciences, agricultural and environmental studies.

Designed to meet an increasing level of content depth and complexity, the SPSAS NanoAgri&Enviro will cover the following topics: i) Nanotechnology, innovation, and sustainability; ii) Synthesis, functionalization, and characterization of nanomaterials; iii) Characterization of nanoparticles in complex matrices; iv) Synchrotron Light for nano-agri-environmental research; v) Biological and environmental applications of nanoparticles; vi) Nanofertilizers and Nanoagrochemicals; vii) Ecotoxicology, geochemistry and nanobiointerfaces; viii) Nanosafety and Nanoinformatics; ix) International harmonization and regulatory issues; x) Environmental implications of nanotechnology.

A highly favourable multidisciplinary environment for exchanging experiences and integrating knowledge toward nanotechnology innovation with safety, responsibility, and sustainability considering an international globalized scenario.

Aiming at young talents committed to academic excellence, The school will present FAPESP’s research and innovation ecosystem, and opportunities for carrying out PhD and post-doctoral studies in the State of São Paulo.

International participants and Brazilian residents not living in the host city may have the travel expenses fully covered to attend.

  • Institution

    Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais (CNPEM)

  • Field of Knowledge


  • Academic Director

    Diego Stéfani Teodoro Martinez

  • Grant Number


  • Date

    2023-07-03 to 2023-07-15

  • Registration Deadline


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  • City


  • Keywords

    ecotoxicology, nanotechnology, sustainability, agribusiness, innovation, environment, nanostructured materials

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    For further info on the program please go to

    Rodrigo Barbosa Capaz, LNNano/CNPEM, Brazil
    Diego Stéfani Teodoro Martinez, LNNano/CNPEM, Brazil
    Mark V. Wiesner, Duke University, USA
    Iseult Lynch, University of Birmingham, UK
    Frank Von Der Kammer, University of Vienna, Austria
    Koiti Araki, IQ/USP, Brazil
    Cauê Ribeiro de Oliveira, LNNA/EMBRAPA, Brazil
    Gregory Lowry, Carnegie Melon University, USA
    Melanie Auffan, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – CNRS/CEREGE, France
    Leonardo Fernandes Fraceto, ICTS/UNESP, Brazil
    Hudson Wallace Pereira de Carvalho, CENA/USP, Brazil
    Marisa Narciso Fernandes, CCBS/UFSCar, Brazil
    Antreas Afantitis, NovaMechanics Ltd, Cyprus


    Diego Stéfani Teodoro Martinez, LNNano/CNPEM, Campinas (Chair)
    Leonardo Fernandes Fraceto, ICTS/UNESP, Sorocaba
    Hudson Wallace Pereira de Carvalho, CENA/USP, Piracicaba
    Cauê Ribeiro de Oliveira, LNNA/EMBRAPA, São Carlos
    Renata de Lima, UNISO, Sorocaba
    Koiti Araki, IQ/USP, São Paulo
    Marisa Narciso Fernandes, CCBS/UFSCar, São Carlos
    Carlos Alberto Pérez, LNLS/CNPEM, Campinas
    Dean Louis Ralph Hesterberg, LNLS/CNPEM, Campinas
    Rodrigo Barbosa Capaz, LNNano/CNPEM, Campinas