São Paulo School of Advanced Science on IODP training on Alpha Crucis

This school will conduct educational expeditions in a limited period from multiple Brazilian drilling platforms such as Alpha Crucis (IO-USP, FAPESP). An integral part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP, of which CAPES, Brazil’s Office for Faculty Development, is one of the partner institutions), the expeditions aim to teach graduate students, postdoctoral studies and young teachers essential information of the Earth System (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Ocean), increasing their interaction in a multinational and multidisciplinary vision. The goal is to select about 40 students, 10-20 of which from abroad.

The goal is to undertake scientific advances on our planet by monitoring, drilling, sampling and analysis of ocean subsurface environments; deploying state-of-the-art ocean study and drilling technologies as an essential tool of discovery; unifying the international research community to explore Earth as a system; advancing research and discovery through the dissemination of data and samples of global archives; provide the scientific context for global consciousness geological risks and environmental changes.

Strong interaction with other research projects is also expected, specifically “Marine E-Tech – Marine ferromanganese deposits: a major resource of E-tech elements” (FAPESP grant number 14/50820-7), “Relationship between environment and magnetotactic bacteria” (18/17061-6) and “Sea-level changes and Global Monsoon System: clues from marine cores in Brazil” (16/24946-9).

  • Institution

    Instituto Oceanográfico - IO / USP

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  • Academic Director

    Luigi Jovane

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  • Date

    2022-04-14 to 2022-05-06

  • Registration Deadline

    To be defined

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  • Keywords

    drilling; oceanography; Earth System; geology