São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Colloids (SPSAS Colloids)

The SPSAS on Colloids will be held in Campinas, from October 28th to November 7th, on the campus of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the CNPEM (Center for Research on Energy and Materials), with activities at the University of São Paulo (Institute of Chemistry).

The School will cover advanced topics on various types of colloids and the most important techniques employed for their characterization.

These Schools are an initiative of FAPESP designed to attract young and talented scientists from Brazil and abroad. This School is designed for around 100 students, half of whom should be from abroad, who should experience close contact with the most prominent scientists in their fields.

The School also includes hands-on activities and periods of discussion of the students´ own research results. Selected students from other cities, states or countries are entitled to receive benefits to cover the expenses for airfare and daily allowance during the School.

  • Institution

    Instituto de Química - Unicamp

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  • Academic Director

    Watson Loh

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  • Date

    2018-10-28 to 2018-11-07

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  • Keywords

    Chemistry, Colloids, Association, Stability, Properties and Frontiers

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    Lecturers: Bjorn Lindman (Lund, Sweden), Otto Glatter (Graz, Austria), Julian Eastoe (Bristol, UK), Dganit Danino (Technion, Israel), Cecile Dreiss (Kings College, UK), Frank Quina & Denise Petri (IQ-USP), Edson Leite (UFSCar,LNNano), Nadya Silveira (UFRGS), Munir Skaf (UNICAMP)


    Colloids: Association, Stability, Properties and Frontiers

    Techniques: Scattering techniques (light, X-ray and neutron), Microscopy (electron, cryogenic), Time resolved fluorescence, Surfaces characterization, Molecular dynamics simulation.


    Theory and Hands-On activities. Visits to Research centers and presentation of opportunities for research in Brazil.

    Poster presentations and discussions with eminent scientists working on Colloids.