São Paulo School of Advanced Science in CryoEM

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science in CryoEM aims to cover the theoretical and practical foundations of advanced CryoEM techniques used to determine macromolecular structures. Time will be divided between lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions given by internationally renowned researchers in the field of CryoEM. Topics that will be covered include sample preparation, data collection, processing of high-resolution image data, single particle analysis, in-cell structural biology by cryo electron tomography (Cryo-TM), model building and model validation. Invited and participating researchers will also present their most recent results.

The course is aimed at graduate students and post-docs. Undergraduate students and young PIs may also apply. Candidates are expected to be fluent in English. Students participating in the course will be given the opportunity to present their research projects in poster presentations.

Attendance will be limited to 70 students chosen by the Organizing Committee from applicants based in Brazil and from other countries. Those selected will receive transportation and daily allowances (except for students currently receiving a FAPESP scholarship).

Interested parties can apply using the online application form available at: sites.usp.br/cryoemschool2023/applications/. The list of approved candidates will be made available on March 10, 2023 via e-mail and on the School’s webpage. Enquiries can be made via e-mail spcryoem2023@iq.usp.br.

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  • Academic Director

    Shaker Chuck Farah

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  • Date

    2023-07-10 to 2023-07-21

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  • City

    São Paulo

  • Keywords

    cryogenic electron microscopy; structural biology; molecular biology; biochemistry