São Paulo School of Advanced Methane Science

The São Paulo School of Advanced Methane Science will provide in-depth discussion of the latest advances in methane science.

Participants from around the world will discuss the origin and biogeochemistry of methane, new discoveries regarding methane metabolism (including anaerobic CH4 oxidation), recent research concerning CH4 flux from terrestrial and marine environments, and newly discovered methanotrophic and methanogenic microorganisms and their role in CH4 cycling.

Practical applications of these recent advances will also be discussed, including applications in bioenergy production, the management of hydropower reservoirs, and agronomy.

This school is a unique opportunity for developing new research directions and to bring together a select group of scholars who are on the forefront of methane research.

  • Institution

    Instituto Oceanográfico - USP

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  • Academic Director

    Vivian Helena Pellizari

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  • Date

    2018-10-16 to 2018-10-26

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  • Keywords

    Methane, Bioenergy, Hydropower reservoirs, Agronomy