Advances in the knowledge of parasite resistance of ruminant hosts and parasites

The two-week course was attended by 50 Brazilian and foreign students, selected for their potential in the development of research in the area, and 26 speakers: 15 Brazilians (12 in the State of São Paulo) and 11 foreigners (Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and USA) with extensive scientific production in the knowledge area of the course.

The event consisted of lectures, practical classes, presentations, discussion and technical visits to different teaching and research institutions.

Due to its wide range and multidisciplinarity, the schedule was divided into four themes: "Genetics of host resistance to parasites", "future prospects of techniques for target validation, drug and vaccine development and reversion of endoparasites" resistance, "in vitro Methods for the diagnosis of and resistance to the prospect of new bioactive substances" and "new perspectives for the control of ectoparasites of ruminants", covering advanced areas in science and technology.

Brazil, Australia, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and USA.

  • Institution

    Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa)

  • Field of Knowledge

    Veterinary medicine

  • Academic Director

    Luciana Correia de Almeida Regitano

  • Grant Number


  • Date

    2011-09-26 to 2011-10-07

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  • Site

  • City

    São Carlos

  • Keywords

    Resistance, Bovine, Ovine, Parasitic control, Helminth, Ectoparasite

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    WEEK 1: September 26th to 30th, 2011

    09/26/2011 (Monday)

    08:00-08:30am         Welcome Section - Organizing Committee                  

    08:30-09:30am         FAPESP: Purposes and programs - FAPESP            

    09:30-10:30am         Opening lecture:

    State-of-art of parasite resistance of ruminant hosts - Marcelo Beltrão Molento - Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, PR, Brazil                      

    10:30-11:00am         Coffee break                       

    11:00-12:30pm         Technical visit to Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste             

    12:30-02:30pm         Lunch interval              

    Theme 1 - Genomics of host resistance to parasites                                                          

    02:30-04:00pm         Genetics of resistance to nematodes in ruminants - Stephen Bishop - Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK                      

    04:00-04:30pm         Coffee break                       

    04:30-06:00pm         Interaction nutrition and immune response - Aurea Canavessi - Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Universidade de São Paulo, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil  

    09/27/2011 (Tuesday)

    08:00-08:30am         Research lines and main results obtained at Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, São Carlos, SP - Luciana Correia de Almeida Regitano - Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, São Carlos, SP, Brazil

    08:30-10:00am         Gene expression profiling as a tool for understanding host response to ticks - Emily Piper - School of Veterinary Science, The University of Queensland, Australia                       

    10:00-10:30am         Coffee break                       

    10:30-12:00pm         Statistical tools to uncover genetic architecture of tick resistance using high-density oligonucleotide gene expression microarrays - Fernando Flores Cardoso - Embrapa Pecuária Sul, Bagé, RS, Brazil                     

    12:00-02:00pm         Lunch interval                    

    02:00-03:30pm         Genomic selection, perspectives for improving host resistance to parasites - Marcos Vinicius Gualberto Barbosa da Silva - Embrapa Gado de Leite, Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil            

    03:30-04:00pm         Coffee break                       

    04:00-05:00pm         Theme 1 - Seminar presentation            

    05:00-06:00pm         Theme 1 - Plenary discussion    

    09/28/2011 (Wednesday) 

    Theme 2 - Future perspectives of techniques for target validation, vaccine and drug development, and reversal of parasite resistance in endoparasites                                                          

    08:00-09:30am         Immunity against helminths - Alessandro Francisco Talamini do Amarante - Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, Botucatu, SP, Brazil                      

    09:30-09:50am         Presentation of post-graduation programs at Instituto de Biociências de Botucatu, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Botucatu, SP - Alessandro Francisco Talamini do Amarante

    09:50-10:20am         Coffee break                       

    10:20-11:50am         Vaccine development for helminths - Peter Geldhof - Department of Virology, Parasitology and Immunology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University, Merelbeke, Belgium

    11:50-01:30pm         Lunch interval                    

    01:30-03:00pm         Target identification and validation: challenges of developing antiparasitic drugs – Cristopher Scott Knauer - Veterinary Medicine Research and Development, Pfizer Animal Health, Kalamazoo, USA.                      

    03:00-03:30pm         Coffee break                       

    03:30-05:00pm         Anthelmintic resistance and development of new drugs - Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna - Institute for Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany

    05:00-06:00pm         Poster presentation - Section 1 (Themes 1 and 4)    

    09/29/2011 (Thursday)

    08:00-09:30am        RNAi application in parasites - Collette Britton - Division of Veterinary Infection and Immunity, University of Glasgow Veterinary School, Glasgow, Scotland, UK                 

    09:30-10:00am         Coffee break                       

    10:00-11:30am         Reversal of parasite resistance - Marcelo Beltrão Molento - Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, PR, Brazil              

    11:30-01:30pm         Lunch interval                    

    01:30-02:30pm         Theme 2 - Seminar presentation            

    02:30-03:30pm         Theme 2 - Plenary discussion                

    03:30-04:00pm         Coffee break                       

    04:00-06:00pm         Technical visit to Universidade Federal de São Carlos and Presentation of post-graduation programs at Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Carlos, SP – Reinaldo Otávio Alvarenga Alves de Brito   

    09/30/2011 (Friday)

    08:00-12:00pm         Practical classes (students splited into 4 teams)

    Theme 1 - Gene expression in real time PCR and microarray data analysis (team 1)

    Theme 2 - Reversal of resistance simulation in field (team 2)

    Theme 3 - Egg hatch test and larval development test (team 3)

    Theme 4 - PCR protocols for resistance detection to pyrethroids in the horn fly and ticks (team 4)                               

    02:00-06:00pm         Practical classes

    Theme 1 - team 2

    Theme 2 - team 1

    Theme 3 - team 4

    Theme 4 - team 3   


    WEEK 2: October 03rd to 7th, 2011

    10/03/2011 (Monday) 

    Theme 3 - In vitro methods for the diagnostic of anthelmintic resistance and for screening of new bioactive substances          

    08:00-09:30am         Data generated between laboratories looking for evaluation of susceptible and resistant nematodes in cattle - Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna - Institute for Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine Free University, Berlin, Germany

    09:30-10:00am         Coffee break                                              

    10:00-11:30pm         Standardization, evaluation and field use of in vitro tests to detect anthelmintic resistance in sheep - Mike Taylor - Veterinary Consultant, Wildlife and emerging Disease Programme Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA), York,UK                      

    11:30-01:30pm         Lunch interval                                            

    01:30-03:00pm         Current challenges and advancements in the use of in vitro tests in the gastrointestinal nematodes in Brazil - Ana Carolina de Souza Chagas - Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, São Carlos, SP, Brazil

    03:00-04:30pm         A novel approach for combining the use of in vitro and in vivo data to measure and detect emerging moxidectin resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes of goats - Ray M. Kaplan - Department of Infectious Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, USA                                             

    04:30-05:00pm         Coffee break                                              

    05:00-06:00pm         Poster presentation – Section 2 (Themes 2 and 3)      

    10/04/2011 (Tuesday)

    08:00-09:30am         In vitro methods for screening of plant bioactives for nematode control - Luciana Morita Katiki - Instituto de Zootecnia, Nova Odessa, SP, Brazil                                        

    09:30-10:00am         Coffee break                                              

    10:00-11:00am         Theme 3 - Seminar presentation                                   

    11:00-12:00pm         Theme 3 - Plenary discussion                                        

    12:00-02:00pm         Lunch interval                                            

    02:00-06:00pm         Technical visit to Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, USP and Presentation of post-graduation programs at Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Universidade de São Paulo, Piracicaba, SP - Luiz Lehmann Coutinho                     

    10/05/2011 (Wednesday)

    08:00-12:00pm         Practical classes

    Theme 1 - team 3

    Theme 2 - team 4

    Theme 3 - team 1

    Theme 4 - team 2     

    02:00-06:00pm         Practical classes

    Theme 1 - team 4

    Theme 2 - team 3

    Theme 3 - team 2

    Theme 4 - team 1    

    10/06/2011 (Thursday) 

    Theme 4 - New perspectives in the control of ruminant ectoparasites                                                          

    08:00-09:30am         Strategies for developing vaccines against cattle ectoparasites: the Rhipicephalus microplus model - Isabel Kinney Ferreira de Miranda Santos - Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil

    09:30-10:00am         Presentation of post-graduation programs at Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Jaboticabal, SP - Rosângela Zacarias Machado

    10:00-10:30am         Coffee break           

    10:30-12:00am         Immunopathology of the resistance to ticks - Gervásio Henrique Bechara - Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Jaboticabal, SP, Brazil      

    12:00-02:00pm         Lunch interval        

    02:00-03:30pm         Genetic mutations associated with pesticide resistance in Rhipicephalus microplus and Haematobia irritans - Felix D. Guerrero - Knipling-Bushland USDA, ARS/Livestock Insects Research Laboratory, Kerrville, TX, USA    

    03:30-04:00pm         Coffee break           

    04:00-05:30pm         New resistance management for Haematobia irritans - Lane D. Foil - Louisiana State University, USA      

    05:30-06:00pm         Research lines and main results obtained at Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, São Carlos, SP - Simone Cristina Méo Niciura - Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste, São Carlos, SP, Brazil

    10/07/2011 (Friday)

    08:00-09:30am         Mechanisms of pesticide resistance in insects and ticks - Jeffrey G. Scott - Department of Entomology, Comstock Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA      

    09:30-10:00am         Coffee break           

    10:00-11:00am         Theme 4 - Seminar presentation

    11:00-12:00pm         Theme 4 - Plenary discussion    

    12:00-02:00pm         Lunch interval        

    02:00-03:30pm         Closing Section:

    General discussion and Course evaluation    

    03:30-06:00pm         Social activities