São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences on Glasses and Glasses-Ceramics (1ª E2AV2)

The Advanced School on Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (G&GC São Carlos) took place in São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil, in August 1-9, 2015. The School was organized by the CeRTEV (Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials and was funded by FAPESP (The São Paulo Research Foundation) and the Department of Materials Engineering of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar).

  • Institution

    Centro de Ciências Exatas e de Tecnologia / UFSCAR

  • Field of Knowledge


  • Academic Director

    Edgar Dutra Zanotto

  • Grant Number


  • Date

    2015-08-01 to 2015-08-09

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  • City

    São Carlos

  • Keywords

    Glasses, Vitreous materials, Ceramics

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    Saturday (08/01/2015)

    08h00-12h15: Arrival of instructors and attendees of the G & GC São Carlos.
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: Registration and distribution of badges and materials.
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break
    17h00-18h00: Opening of the G & GC School.


    08h00-12h15: Time zone adaptation and preparation of the fire presentations
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: "Fire Session" 1 slide, 1 min. oral advertisement of posters by the students.
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break
    16h00-18h00: "Fire Session" 1 slide, 1 min. oral advertisement of posters.

    Monday (08/03/2015)

    08h00-10h00: "Glass structure by NMR techniques" Prof.Hellmut Eckert, Brazil .
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15: "Glass structure by Raman spectroscopy” Prof. Paulo S. Pizani, Brazil 
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: Tutored discussion of student projects.
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break
    16h00-18h00: "SciGlass - software and database” Dr. Alexander Priven, Korea

    Tuesday (08/04/2015)

    08h00-10h00: "Structural and stress relaxation in glasses” Prof. Prabhat Gupta, USA.
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15: "Dynamic processes in glasses by MD simulations” Prof. José Pedro Rino, Brazil.
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: "Nucleation, growth and crystallization of glasses” Prof. Edgar Dutra Zanotto, Brazil
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break
    16h00-18h00Practical "Using SciGlass: Case Studies" Dr. Alexander Priven, Korea.

    Wednesday (08/05/2015)

    08h00-10h00:  "Optical properties of Vitreous materials" Prof. John M. Ballato, USA 10h15-12h15:“Spectroscopic techniques applied to glasses and glass-ceramics” Profa. Andrea A.S.S. de Camargo, Brazil
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-18h00:Visities to laboratories - Ufscar , Lecture followed by a guided tour,Departaments of Physics, Materials Engineering , LCE and LaMav

    Thursday (08/06/2015)

    08h00-10h00: “Mechanical properties of glasses” Prof. Vincenzo M. Sglavo, Italy
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15: “Mechanical properties of glass-ceramics” Prof. Francisco C. Serbena, Brazil ;
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: Practical "Using SciGlass: Case Studies" Dr. Alexander Priven, Korea
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break
    16h00-18h00: Presentation of 100 posters by the students

    Friday (08/07/2015)

    08h00-10h00:  “Electrical properties of vitreous materials” Prof. Aswini Ghosh, India
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15:  Visits to laboratories - USP, São Carlos Lecture followed by a guided tour: Institute of Physics and School of Engineering .
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: Tutored discussion of student projects.
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break.
    16h00-18h00: FREE

    Saturday (08/08/2015)

    08h00-10h00:  "Bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics" Prof. O. Peitl, Dr. M. Crovace and Marina Trevelin
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15: "Research opportunities in glasses and glass-ceramics in São Carlos
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-14h45: Space for FAPESP
    14h45-15h45: Working on students projects
    15h45-16h00: Coffe-break.
    16h00-18h00: Free .

    Sunday (08/09/2015)

    08h00-10h00: Student presentations of the projects
    10h00-10h15: Coffe-break
    10h15-12h15: Student presentations of the projects
    12h15-13h45: Lunch
    13h45-15h45: Departure to the airport in São Paulo